DIY : Easy Vegan Caesar Salad!


Hey loves! So majorly sorry for not posting for weeks! I was super busy with daily routines I don’t get time to squeeze in a post. So sorry my loves! To make it up to you I’m gonna be sharing a delicious vegan all natural caesar salad! Plus a sweet and sour dressing! Yummy, let’s mix it up

The leafy greens:
Romaine lettuce
Salad coral/kale
Pea shoots
Fresh sweet basil
Pretty much anything your heart desire πŸ˜ƒ this is just what I like to use but I do switch it up all the time.

The optional
I love adding tempeh to caesar salads, it’s delish and acts as a chicken replacement. All I do is boil (yes boil) my tempeh and season it with cayenne, Himalayan salt, turmeric and black pepper.

Sweet sour dressing:
Raw honey
Soy sauce (I’m using organic because of the taste and goodness but of course You can use regular soy too)
Brown rice vinegar
Toasted Sesame oil

Mix them all up and voila, delish sweet sour dressing. Sometimes for that even more ‘kick’ or Asian feel, I love adding some finely chopped fresh ginger πŸ‘

I usually don’t cook with a recipe or portions but I recommend adding little by little to see how it goes.
After you made the sauce and prepare your veggies in a bowl, and your tempeh, all you got to do Is pour the sauce over the veg and tempeh and voila, top with some hemp seeds and your good.

P.S: if your avoiding soy, you may use liquid/ coconut aminos instead

I hope you guys enjoy and I’ll be posting more beauty, non beauty post in the future. Bye!πŸ’œ I gave u a Purple Heart today hehe
Stay couture
Sara xoxo


15% off Zalora voucher code! Get 15% voucher code for those in Asia, New Zealand and Australia

Hey guys! Today I’m sharing with you a special something and that’s a 15% voucher code for Zalora. Okay, if you are not familiar with Zalora, it’s basically just an online shopping site in Asia. We’ll, it ships to New Zealand and Australia too actually. It has a lot of different brands to choose from ( Mango,American Apparel, River Island etc ) and has a lot of categories as well like beauty, plus size,shoes,hair accessories, bags etc.


Okay now these are the terms and condition for using this voucher

1. This voucher is only valid for first purchase only.

2.this voucher is for new customers, so if your new to Zalora,then you’ll get the discount πŸ™‚

3. This voucher does not apply to sales item.

Okay those are some info, now step by step ways use to use this voucher.


1. Go to zalora.com

2. Choose your country

3.Choose item(s) that you’ll like to purchase and pick size etc. and add to cart.

3. Checkout and apply the voucher code.

4. Select payment method etc.

5. You’ll get a conformation email for your product.

And your done, for more info go to zalora.com

Disclaimer: I just become a Zalora ambassador very recently πŸ™‚ and basically what I do is give out voucher codes and I decided to share it with you guys. But basically my purpose is to give out the voucher codes to anyone (friends,family etc.) but I’ve decided to share it here on my blog, incase you guys are wondering. And no, zalora didn’t ask me to promote it here on wordpress, but it did gave me the opportunity to share these codes on social media. And I’m sad to say that Zalora doesn’t really ship to much places in the US except New Zealand And Australia. So I’m really sorry if it’s not available in your country. Maybe I’ll do something else that’s for everyone hm πŸ˜‰

I hope you try it out πŸ™‚
Pls make sure to tell me in the comments below if you tried purchased and used the voucher.
And if you have any questions, ask me in the comments and I will try to reply as soon as possible πŸ™‚


Maybelline Lip Polish Review


Hey lovelies!
Today I’m doing my first eve review of a product that I love been using for a while now to actually know how I feel about it. I’ll be sharing with you,
My first impression
And overall rating
So I hope you guys like it. Let’s review this thing!

Maybelline Lip Polish

First impression/thoughts
Beautiful packaging, looks cute and vibrant

It’s moisturizing (good for my zombie chapped lips πŸ˜› ) it has very amazing pigmentation and you could just wear by itself .it lasts long and at the end of the day it’ll give you a stain look which I like (depends on how much u put on)

Beautiful pigmentation
Cute packaging
Last long

Where I live it’s pricey, actually all things at where I live is pricey but it was all worth it. But in the US it’ll be like just a couple dollars so don’t worry bout it 😊

Overall thoughts
It’s amazing, I can’t even say more you just got to try it out! πŸ˜€ it lasted long, like crazy long like the whole day even without a base like Chapstick or something and it’s just the bomb.

So there it is guys, I hope u guys liked it and yeah go give it a try , see how it goes and tell me what do you think about it πŸ™‚ I’ll love to know! We’ll I’ll see u in my next post, bye!
Stay couture
Sara xoxo


My Spring Essentials πŸ’


Hello all my princesses, in my last spring post I shared with you what I’m doing and wearing but today I’m sharing with you pretty much what my essentials are. Something I must have with me this season. Let’s get started!

A dressπŸ‘—
For spring/summer all the time, you’ll most probably catch me wearing dresses. I think dresses are easy, cute and just overall amazing. It’s a one piece so no need to find a matching top, pants ( my weaknessπŸ˜–). Everything from tea dresses, summer dresses, maxi, mini I love en all this season but it has, has to be floral or a beautiful pastel color! It makes me happy plus it’s cute and it’s a spring must . But the one dress I always go back to every spring or summer is my floral skate dress. Basic I know but what I love about it is that is the back of the dress has a cutout, so it’s a little extra – extra

I’ve been loving iced tea for the beautiful warm. But I also love having it hot on cold nights ( it gets quite cold here at night). My favorite tea for this month is definitely my organic bamboo tea in pomegranate that I told you guys before. It’s so good and has a very mild taste

Herbs, plants 🌱
Not yet summer, I know but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy the plants and herbs. I’ve been loving sweet basil currently so fresh and I love adding it to my iced tea too!


Fresh fruitsπŸŽπŸπŸŠπŸ‹πŸ’πŸ‡πŸ‰πŸ“πŸ
(A lot of it)
Light lipgloss, for the simple days.my fave is M.A.C creamesheen glass in fashionista
Bold lipgloss, for bolder days.
Fresh flowers 🌷(the most excited about )
Birds chipping and singing
Statement necklace (pastel colors)
Gardening, one of my passions. Since my grandma is coming over this spring to stay with me for a while and she loves gardening . And that’s pretty much it, I want to know what’s your essentials for spring! Tell me in the comments below loves. I’ll see you in my next post, bye!!
Stay couture,
Sara xoxo

Random Ramble

Random Rambling: My room update!

Hey guys! Guess what, I’m here to ramble..again. I know, ok I don’t know but I just love to tell you guys and let u guys get what it’s like when I’m not telling you to apply a primer, line your lips, comb your brows and such. I look like a big mess of cheeseballs but who cares, I’m a cheeseball and I know it …. Okay… 😢That was weirder than I taught. Anywho, my room! Its actually is looking decent. Not like a haunted zombie house that is empty like before .I got my mattress, my dresser!, my bedding and other stuff to accessories it like a bouquet of roses, fake ones tho I really can’t take care of fresh flowers like I get too lazy to change the water 😁 but once in a while when my grandma visits she’ll always or often bring me fresh flowers, she hates fake ones. Tbh I do to, okay maybe not hate, that’s kinda harsh but more like not a huge fan of it cause it’s not real or fresh but I still love it, love hate relationship. So I will be posting pics of my rooms, if you would like, or if you guys don’t ofcourse I won’t but yeah just wanted to tell you guys this and oh the color scheme I’m kinda going for is all white with hints of pink (light) and softer colors like pastels or cream. And just a disclaimer, I am not, not at all trying to be a ‘show off’ or brag, this is not at all my intentions, I just wanted to share with you guys honestly and sincerely from my heart, not just the R.R series but the whole reason I started this blog was to share and inspire with you a little of I know ,all coming from this little heart of mine 😊❀️cheesy,I know but what do you expect from a cheeseball?anyways I love you all and your beautiful. Make someone’s day today πŸ’œ
Stay couture,
Sara xoxo


Spring Routine!What I’m Doing and Wearing!🌸


Hey lovelies! Long time no posty-posty . That doesn’t make sense but spring is here, you know what that means aight? New season, new trends, new fashion and everything new! It’s a fresh start. So I’m gonna be telling you what I’m doing this spring and what I’ll possibly be wearing, I said possibly because I really can’t say, I sometimes might aswell jump in my sweats so yeah. What I’m doing? Not really much this spring except….. SPRING CLEANING!! Bore, I know but this is time to catch up with cleaning. I don’t really have to worry about my room usually because every week I constantly keep it clean but my living room, kitchen etc. let’s just say it ain’t the best. So I’ll be doing so, and now time for fashion! Just picked up some beauty magazines yesterday and it’s all about spring so I got some inspiration from some looks so I’m gonna ofcourse wear those pretty florals, crazy prints (it’s all about the prints πŸ‘Œ) and some rompers, crop tops πŸ™ and so on and forth. Keep in mind that ofcourse I’m not gonna be dressing up everyday, they are days where I want to just lounge in my sweats so I do πŸ™Š. Oh and I have this pic (above) that you can just refer to on a basic what to do this spring. So I hope you guys enjoy and have a happy spring! I love you all!πŸ’‹
Stay couture
Sara xo


Women Power! Happy International Women’s Day!

Hey all my beautiful,strong,intelligent or just overall awesome ladies out there,


You are strong, you are beautiful, you are perfect the way you are. Rock this world girl πŸŽ‰
treat your self at the spa or at home or just do what you love and enjoy and celebrate your awesomeness!πŸ’†πŸ’…πŸ‘―
You are couture,you are beautiful,
Love Sara xo